The UK Ark

Welcome to the new UK Ark, a resource for Noachides world-wide.

We have two aims at the UK Ark:
  • To use our knowledge and study in order to increase the understanding of Noachidism, Judaism and Halacha within the world-wide B'nei Noach community.
  • To Produce quality documentation for use by the B'nei Noach Movement that is in accordance with halacha.

Who and What are we

The UK Ark was was founded in Dec 1996 in order to offer support to the Noachide community in the UK.
Initially formed by just movement in the UK steadily grew to offer a firm foundation for the Noachide belief.

In 2000, our work was recognised when we were asked to meet with the Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks.

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Our Site Links

  • Our archive has copies of our Universal Guide, the newsletter; The Cubit and literature that may help you
  • Want to see our meeting with the Chief Rabbi then follow this link
  • We recommend the Yahoo Group - Noahides moderated by Rachav - do join for support and help

Our Mission Statement

  • To Promote the  Seven Universal Laws
  • To Support B'nei  Noach in the UK and world-wide
  • To Promote B'nei  Noach & Jewish relations

Our Objectives

Thus says the LORD of hosts: In those days ten men from the nations of every tongue shall take hold of the robe of a Jew, saying, "Let us go  with you, for we have heard that God is with you." Zech 8:23

The UK B'nei Noach know that the time mentioned in Zechariah is now and seek to promote good relationships with Torah Observant Jews and to establish a firm   foundation for Noachidism in the UK.

Because we reject all beliefs outside of Judaism and the Seven Universal Laws, we look for help in finding the G-d of Israel and studying.

We seek to offer our knowledge of the Gentile world and Noachidism

What We Offer

We have produced a variety of literature on the Seven Universal Laws and offer copies of these to any interested parties.

Because we are spread out across the whole of the UK we are unable to offer group meetings we have previously published monthly newsletters.  If you are interested in our archive then please email us.

A Call to Action

This is only the start of a growth in Gentiles coming to know HaShem. Now is the time to be in at the start of the world-wide movement and who better to do this in partnership with than the UK B'nei Noach.

The Tanach may state that the Jews should be a light unto the nations but we should also be a light to the Jews.