The Universal Guide   

The information below is taken from the Universal Guide, first published in 2000.  If you would like to download a copy of this as a pdf then please go to our archive pages.

What Am I?
Who Am 1?

Noachides believe in the Seven Universal Laws of Noah.  Noachidism, though, is more than just believing in the the laws.

The question which is asked time and time again by those new to Noachidism   is; 
What am I?
I'm not a Christian, I'm not a Jew. What am I?
How do I live?
What do I do?

What about my family, my children, my friends?
The idea of this guide is to go a long way to answering these questions and to help both new and exisiting Noachides find consistant answers.
We have asked leaders of the Noachide Movement world-wide to provide information and feedback and have been very grateful for the contributions from the Jewish world.

What you have here, in your hands, is the work of over 10 years condensed down into one book. There will be omissions and also subjects you aren't interested in, but by trying to cover the broadest amount of information we hope to give everyone a good foundation on which to build their faith and practice.

This book, though, is not intended as a way of explaining Noachidism to family and friends - remember we have leaflets and booklets for that.  It is designed to help the new and existing Noachide and it is taken as granted that a  basic knowledge of Noachidism and Judaism has already been gathered by the   reader. That said, a short glossary has been included in the penultimate  chapter.

Journey Without a Destination?

You cannot embark on a journey without a destination. Travelling for the sake   of travelling is meaningless.

No one would constantly go out just to drive around. 

So, when you undertake a journey, you always know where you are going, where you are starting from and how you are travelling.

If you have no money for the ticket - you can't travel. If you don't know where you are going, then why bother?

This is the same with Noachidism.

The destination is life as a Righteous Gentile, the start point is here.

The route? That's the questions that you ask along the way.

The ticket? That's the Seven Universal Laws.

Questions come from your study of the seven laws and without that study and   those questions you will get stuck in the sidings.

So you must have a destination in order to embark on this journey, but also   make sure you know why you are travelling, how you are travelling and that you  have the right ticket for the journey.